The complete prologue from V’s Route in Mystic Messenger. I can’t believe it was so long, omg. Anyways, this is for anyone who doesn’t have enough hourglasses, or who has iOS (It’s at times like this that I love android XD ) Anywho, this contains spoilers, so I don’t recommend watching if you haven’t completed 707’s good ending.

I’m soooo glad this came out at last, can’t wait to see what the rest of his route will be like.

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If you would like to see the chats from his route, please let me know below. I’ll probably be posting them one by one so that there won’t be a ridiculously long video again like this one lololol

I own nothing in this video except the choices I made XD

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  1. I think that the RFA members and organization are all real, but Unknown the hacker is using you to find out their information about guests and get back at 707 by making you think that your are playing a dating game. In reality you are talking to these real people, and unknown is trying to convince you otherwise. I remember one option was the MC telling unknown that these characters in the dating game all seem so real, because they are.

  2. I just began watching. Does ray want you to keep the secret because it's actually NOT just a game and they aren't just AIs? Cause if they are all really just AI(in the story, I know irl they dont exist xd) then I would be disappointed if I actually spent money to buy this route.

  3. I’ve domes v’s route five million times and fail miserably, now im gonna refer to YouTube so it can help me win his heart

  4. Okay like I get this is a game and all..but can we all be aware Mc just gave her addresses to a total STRANGER she just met. And is going to go to him to a sketchy place in a car hes sending to the middle of nowhere where no one can no about a game? Dose MC just have no Self-Peservation?

  5. I dont understand what is happening! D: I feel lost, Are they part of a game? Why Mc barely speaks? Why Ray is so nice and tell me that anything exists? …who am I? What I am doing there? XD my brain will explode like Rika's apartment

  6. Wait so this entire time we have been playing a phone game in a phone game which also has a phone in it?

  7. thx for yr sharing, god,i love the voices of v and ray,ε٩(๑> ₃ <)۶ з. of course,forever love Jumin Han. LOL


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