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Hey all and welcome to a new series Train Accidents #1 – BeamNG DRIVE.

Next video is coming up on Sunday. Thank you for watching :).

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13 hours of recording and 3 hours of editing but I love it.

My Playlists :

Trains list –
Trucks list –
Motorbike Crashes –
Collapsing Bridge Pileup –
Street Racing Cars –
Crash Test Dummy / Ragdolls –

Maps used:

Las Colinilas de Vapor –
Polish Roads –
Tennessee USA Roane County Beta, REAL TERRAIN –

Cars and other mods used :

Driver, Passengers and Loads :
Train, Locomotives –
Burnside Wagon Body –
Dansworth D2500 –
Bagtrailer –
1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Hardtop –
Ibishu Blackfoot –
RV Upfit for Gavril H-Series –

Music by Epidemic Sound

Game info is a realistic, immersive driving game offering near-limitless possibilities. Our soft-body physics engine simulates every component of a vehicle in real time, resulting in realistic, dynamic behavior

Game Official Website (you can purchase & download the game there):


Remember always to wear your seat belt and drive carefully.

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  1. Hey all! Let me know if you liked the video and if you would you like to watch a part #2 .
    Don't forget to subscribe and click the 🔔.
    I'll see you all on Sunday 😃

  2. This game is of iphad or Xbox or computer

  3. The strongest in this game is tree.

  4. 🚂🚞🚓🚨🚥🚔🕍🏥🏍️🚙🚚🚛🚒🚑🚓🚕🚌🚍🚔🚘

  5. 490th comment here.
    1:58 – 2:32
    Police Aesop:

    • Police Officer: Sir, I’m gonna have to give you a citation.
    • Pickup Driver: For what?
    • Police Officer: For breaking traffic rules. Someone could’ve gotten hurt.

  6. Jjjjhyhtttgttk
    Hc xxX ⚾🎁🎀🎟🏀🎫🎑🎑🎑🎑🎑😚😅😚🏀🎉😘😇⚽😇😐🎋

  7. Жалко у меня такой игры нету.

  8. 🎶❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😒👀👀😭😘😉

  9. En pepa aventuras en el episodio pepa y George se hace pipi en la bañera la repusta es que George queria tomó agua

  10. 0:01 car: let me just drive around- police car: OH NO YOU DON’T

  11. 9:35
    I bring you… the flying train!

  12. 5:22 train cant destroy the plant

  13. The Police Car Tries To Save The Red Car Amazing! V●ᴥ●V

  14. 5.20 after the biker has dies watch the locos still doing high speed bounce off a tree and fly backwards. Hilarious.

  15. Biker what happened to that car? Ooff

  16. Hell those trains are scary…

  17. Este video esta muy entretenido sera que se puede descargar el juego

  18. driver: look a TRAIN!

    co driver: cool!…

    both: wait a second……

  19. this is a normal bus ride. what do you mean? 1:07

  20. That trains made in china

  21. 9:35 that’s the police car with some gigantic spear in it

  22. What I want to know is how an MU car was just running without a third rail.

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