The Train – Part 1 | EXTREMELY CREEPY! | Russian Indie Horror Game

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Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here

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  1. That doll you saw is from a real cartoon.

  2. How do we pick up weapons in this difficult stage … with any letter in the game !!

  3. I had fnaf music on and when the ball was floating it had like the scariest part

  4. 0:05– "It is a Russian indi horror game." Perfect. Just what I wanted. Thought that I had already seen all of your indi horror already, but glad when I found this.
    2:32– "Ah." :/ I was hoping for some English under the Russian, but no such luck. I bet that we will all miss a good chunk of the story here. Unfortunate.
    4:02– "I kind of went a bit Texas Chainsaw Massacre when I did it." Razor burn is the worst. Itches and stings at the same time.
    6:09– "1990! That is when I was born." I was 10 that year.
    9:14– "Can you see it?" I think so. The shadow people sort of blend in with the background at times.
    13:31– "I'm gonna serenade you guys." 😀
    14:28– "Any of you guys speak Russian in the comments?" I'm half by blood, but never learned any of the language. Everyone that I know in my family is in the US.

  5. That beard will be your beard someday, Past Jack.

  6. 2019 squad :’) I remember watching this vid on garbage internet in our family’s computer room

  7. Hi jacksepticeye I just wanted to let you know that doll is Mickey Mouse 🐭 back in the old days I think that the one ☝️ : V

  8. I wish Russians made more videogames. They are good at doing them, inspite of what anyone says

  9. 7:43 I’m part Russian but I don’t really care coz I can’t read nor speak Russian.. well.. I know a few words.. I’m a cusp of a Russian.. is that the right term?… nope.. I’m a halfling?…. I dunno..

  10. hmmm
    Jack hasn't changed much
    Just a better voice

  11. Who is watching this in 2018 or 2019

  12. Wow he dosnt look 23

  13. 5 years later and the graphics still hold up

  14. Anyone watching this from 2018

  15. U sound more energetic than when u made one late night

  16. It’s WHUTHC TOP OF THE MORNING CHALADDIES not top of the morning laddies

  17. Lol I’m Ukrainian so I understand all the words

  18. Who watching in 2018 jack change a lot

  19. god, i was so cringy during this whole video and i literally started to scream at my screen, 'cause i'm russian and he dIDN't do what the game told him to do… and yep i know i'm late for 5 years

  20. ¥^`€£^£ €~£¥^ that means I'm Russian

  21. Little did he know that 5 years later, he would become a major YouTuber

  22. Dis was amarazing bro keep it up

  23. OMG young Jack is so cute!

  24. when you are Russian and watching this in 2018

  25. Who is watching this in 2018 🙂

  26. It's funny to see how Jack tries to read Russian language.
    Especially when you're native Russian.

    P.S. Letter, what Jack mistook for H is actually N. And, yea, that's nooot so close to how Russian subway or metro looks like. At least, in St.Petersburg.

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