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  1. 0:05– "It is a Russian indi horror game." Perfect. Just what I wanted. Thought that I had already seen all of your indi horror already, but glad when I found this.
    2:32– "Ah." :/ I was hoping for some English under the Russian, but no such luck. I bet that we will all miss a good chunk of the story here. Unfortunate.
    4:02– "I kind of went a bit Texas Chainsaw Massacre when I did it." Razor burn is the worst. Itches and stings at the same time.
    6:09– "1990! That is when I was born." I was 10 that year.
    9:14– "Can you see it?" I think so. The shadow people sort of blend in with the background at times.
    13:31– "I'm gonna serenade you guys." 😀
    14:28– "Any of you guys speak Russian in the comments?" I'm half by blood, but never learned any of the language. Everyone that I know in my family is in the US.

  2. Hi jacksepticeye I just wanted to let you know that doll is Mickey Mouse 🐭 back in the old days I think that the one ☝️ : V

  3. 7:43 I’m part Russian but I don’t really care coz I can’t read nor speak Russian.. well.. I know a few words.. I’m a cusp of a Russian.. is that the right term?… nope.. I’m a halfling?…. I dunno..

  4. god, i was so cringy during this whole video and i literally started to scream at my screen, 'cause i'm russian and he dIDN't do what the game told him to do… and yep i know i'm late for 5 years

  5. It's funny to see how Jack tries to read Russian language.
    Especially when you're native Russian.

    P.S. Letter, what Jack mistook for H is actually N. And, yea, that's nooot so close to how Russian subway or metro looks like. At least, in St.Petersburg.


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