Texas, IS BACK FOLKS! – Texas vs. Notre Dame 2016: A Game to Remember

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  1. Would've been nice to see the scores, quarter number and minutes.

  2. Joe Tessitore. The worst announcer in football.

    The minute he said "Texas is back, folks"

    All Longhorns should have been like "we are doomed"

    Because since that was said, Texas has yet to be "back". And in a way, it truly is amazing. How that school, with all the money in their football program, has been so mediocre since Mack Brown left. No excuse for that program to not at least be competing for Big 12 titles.

  3. Imo Buechele still > Ehlinger

  4. Remember that game hook em horns texas being a new chapter. To allTexas longhorns fan we will reach top of the college football mountain soon hook em horns

  5. Texas was most certainly not back

  6. Beats one ranked team

    tExAs Is BaCk!!!

  7. HOOKEM 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  8. Texas is most definitely not back.

  9. This isn't a classic, it was just a week one no name bowl.

  10. Easy does it, being back isn’t just any one game!

  11. I actually miss Texas being in the upper echelon of CFB. Not that they are, or have been recently, but they’ve got a crazy loyal fan base. Can’t wait for some college ball. GO BUCKS!!!

  12. 8:44 This is why we wrap up my children

  13. That’s why swoops is in the NFL

  14. videos that didn't age well. 🙂

  15. And guess who they lost to the very next week that year?… 🤦🏿‍♂️😂🤣😭

  16. if corso picks your team, accept the loss

  17. 4:22 that should be on a poster.

  18. Those last two runs by swoopes tho…

  19. Narrator: Texas was not back

  20. Thia game is just too funny. Felt so important. Great fucking game. But both teams ended up being garbage.

  21. Reports would confirm that Texas was not back

  22. Notre Dame left Texas emotionally hurt, unable to win games thereafter. Whole team required psychotherapy and Xanax treatments.

  23. I still get chills Everytime I watch this video. I never really watched football but I got invested in my high schools football team so my mom thought it would be cool to go to this game. It was my first college football game and it was Awesome! The crowd was so loud during overtime that I lost my hearing for a few seconds and when we won everyone was hugging each other and jumping up and down. Best first game for me.

  24. I hate both the longhorns and the fighting Irish but damn this game was insane. Even my mom, who doesn’t like sports in general, was going crazy

  25. UPDATE: They’re not back

  26. Fast forward 3 years later…. WHERE ARE THEY????

  27. Both teams missed bowls lol

  28. Why doesn't A-Rodg like Mac Brown? I'm not to fond of him either but that wasn't what I was expecting him to say.

  29. Texas is Back

    losses to Kansas Jayhawks

  30. Another reason to get rid of preseason rankings. This game was so overhyped! This basically Texas Tech vs Oregon st kinda game. All trash

  31. Dont mess with Texas!! That's OUr bitch!!

  32. Texas does good against rank teams or at least put up a fight!

  33. "Texas is back folks" is why Joe Tessitore should never be allowed to work another football game ever. Political stooge.

  34. Texas is back now!!!

  35. Update: Texas STILL ain't back. #hornsdown

  36. who was that Black QB foe Texas?

  37. *beats a notre dame team that ended up going 4-8. TEXAS IS BACK

  38. Texas is back.

    Loses to Maryland the next 2 years to start the season. A Maryland team that lost to penn state 134-6 in those 2 years.

    Texas also lost to Kansas and fired this coach.

    Verdict: Texas was not back.

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