Skullgirls : Zone-Tan Squigly Skin Reveal

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  1. I featured zone-tan in my story, and she is the villain, and also i featured some random characters who were my favorite

  2. 3:27 seconds of my life well spent lol

  3. It seems innocent at first until you realize it's a porn character…

  4. @Ian Boswell That snake and its color is definitely for Lemmy the tentacle monster that appears several times in her shows and what not.

  5. I have the nearly departed skin

  6. The green thing is supposed to be a technical

  7. what was the point of this video and why did you frame it like its a bad thing.

  8. I fucking adore this game and
    The Madame herself zoneton

  9. i wonder if he knows that she was a hentai artist when he made this.

  10. and on this video I bet somebody looked up zone tan for the first time and was either scared for life or discovered something new about themselves

  11. It was either wear the costume or get fucked by Leviathan

  12. You forgot to mention how zone is basically a hentai animation creator that got added to the animation team for Skullgirls because they made a filia hentai flash animation

  13. i think it was more equal exchange of permission wink wink

  14. Skullgirls has been in a Zone flash animation/game.
    Now Zone Tan skin in Skullgirls is perfect! 😀

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