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New to the channel? I do Let’s Play videos — these are like walkthrough guides of gameplay with continuous English commentary trying to explain my decisions and what strategy I use. If you’re looking for hacks or cheats, you’re in the wrong place!


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  1. A tip: the emberdrain cards are good on units that will die, aka morsel or when you are fighting the boss. Because the emberdrain only has an effect if the unit survives.

  2. You need to start doing covanet lvls. I am a bad to ok player of games like this but I am at covanant 7 with out to much issue. Watching you faceroll even when making big misplays is getting Ole.

  3. Icestorm at the end. It's `1 + Magic Power` x 5. So if you buff it twice it would be 21 damage x5. 105 damage. With potential of hitting ones in back as well (5 random hits, each hit to random enemy).

  4. Quill, I love you but you're making me poor! By far you are the youtuber I follow that gets me to buy the most games. Can't even list all of them, let's just start with Darkest Dungeon, Civ (5+6), HoI4, RimWorld, Motorsport Manager, BattleTech, … and now Monster Train. (And I'm sure this won't be my last card game)

  5. You should really start to do the covenants. Getting a good card and copying it get you through about the first ten of them.
    Also, why are you so goddamn scared of the challenges? If you are not right away sure you'll die from it, chances are you can make it and 75 gold (a.k.a. the lowest reward) are essentially a minor upgrade and a reroll, while additional draft and artifact can be gamechangers.

  6. You need to play this on stream for tips, the misplays are so real i have to check back every couple eps to see if you got any better as these are painful to watch.

  7. Quill, you need to start not putting the champion on the bottom floor all the time. Use the bottom floor for set-up. Sweepers are good to get rid of weenies, apply spell weakness or frostbite, etc.

  8. The reason lifesteal didn't protect your champion wasn't that the birdmen in the back outdamaged it, it was that lifesteal goes down every time you attack with it, so the life-steal 2 your champion starts with disappears after it's first two attacks. This was why it had full health after the first two turns and then went down. The life-steal is really just something that gives the champion a chance to build up some gorging before it dies. (for this reason you also really want a point of free capacity on the champions floor after your morsel master has done his thing so that you can feed your champion extra life-steal morsels when you get them instead of only getting the ones the morsel maker makes.)

  9. You're going to unlock everything and then FINALLY give Covenant 1 a serious try and be absolutely rocked by how much you overestimated it.

  10. Upgrading a spell with +20 spell power and consume, and then upgrading it with remove consume and +1 energy cost is a bad play as you can just use those two upgrade slots to add two +10 spell power and not have the increased energy cost. The +10 spell power is also a lot more common then the remove consume.


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