Immortals vs C9 BEST LCS MATCH 2016 | NA LCS W5D2 Spring 2016 Season 6 | Immortals vs Cloud 9 Week 5 Day 2 | C9 vs IMT – Cloud 9 vs Immortals
7:05 Picks |10:50 Match Starts | 43:33 Analysis | 45:41 Interview | 54:01 Sounds of the Game

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Tournament: North American LCS
Match: 58
Week: 5
Day: 2
Patch: 6.2

TOP – Balls
MID – Jensen
ADC – Sneaky
SUPP – Bunny FuFuu


TOP – Huni
JUNGLE – Reignover
MID – Pobelter
ADC – WildTurtle
SUPP – Adrian

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  1. Do people actually follow this as if it were real sports? Don't get me wrong I enjoy the game, but at the same time, seriously?

  2. Watching this again I'm glad that Riot decided to gut Kalista. Pretty much one of the most broken champs for competitive play, and easily the most centralizing one we saw this year.

  3. Everyone talking about WildTurtle carrying but I dont see it. Firstly he is playing Kalista then he builds that unkillable build. On top of that there is the Lux double snare to peel for him and the Braum slows. He didnt even play outstandingly, he just got the best case scenarios. Honestly it was a tea effort with WildTurtle cleaning up. No one is impressed when a Master Yi Aces a team with no CC so I dont get what the fanboying is about here.

  4. free forg1ven from military service:

  5. Not even to the game yet… Best Ban/Pick Phase of 2016 in ANY Professional League.

    Take away the 2015 Best NA Jungle's best Champion by taking Nidalee before Rush can.

    But C9 attempts to completely kill the impact of Adrian by nuking pretty much his entire Champion Pool, then picking the only Champion left standing that Adrian is known for.

    Still managing to get a Lux and a Viktor on each side.

    Getting Braum on one side, where the Passive Stuns from Concussive Blows could make the slower Attacks of Jhin even more of a disadvantage, but then protecting Jhin with both an Alistar and a Malphite Front Line.

    Just such a Ban/Pick Phase, then the ADC Level 1 fight to test each other… makes me really pumped to see this play out.

  6. Unfortunate. Oh well, I guess C9 can be number 2 instead of number 7. That's at least a step in the right direction. People make a lot of hay about the Jhin, and maybe it was a bad idea, but most of this game was simply Rush being outclassed by Reignover.


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