I wansn’t planning to publish this until later, but people thinking Body Count is so bad, it’s because they haven’t played this.

H.U.R.L. (or Slob Zone 3D, or Blob Schlammschlacht 3D) is a non violent FPS released in 1995 by Deep River Publishing. As usual you have to get keys and reach the exit, but this time around throwing soap, water balloons and the like to some dirty animal to get them nice and clean. This game is terrible, is unenjoyable, and the videos don’t make it justice, the controls are godawful, and the collision detection is even worse.
No tenía pensado publicar esto hasta más adelante, pero la gente que dice que Body Count es tan malo, es porque no ha jugado a esto.

H.U.R.L. (o Slob Zone 3D, o Blob Schlammschlacht 3D) es un FPS no violento lanzado en 1995 por Deep River Publishing. Como es habitual, tienes que recoger llaves y alcanzar la salida, pero esta vez lanzando jabón, globos de agua y demás a unos animales muy guarros para dejarlos limpitos. Este juego es terrible, completamente indisfrutable, y los vídeos no le hacen justicia, los controles son horrorosos, y la detección de colisiones es incluso peor.

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  1. Congrats on finishing this masterpiece. If you feel bad playing it, just remember that I paid money for both HURL and Slob Zone 3D cuz preservation, that should lessen the trauma.

  2. Even tho this game is a piece of crap to play and handle…
    …it has a weird, edgy vibe to it, and I kinda like that.
    The Final BOB (ha, get it?) wasn't too bad after all. Good thing you didn't drop the soap!

  3. 0.03 money for a bar of soap, I wonder what the exchange rate is to dollars there…

    What an awful game. Just awful. And yet I watched all 10 episodes.


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