GTA 5 – Speaker Knockerz – Rico Story (Full Movie)

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Inspired on Murk TV version of Rico Story.

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  1. nigga said DAMN and i lost it 😭😭

  2. 2020 who’s still listening 🔥

  3. Is this about rico the giant

  4. This deserves more than 2.7 million views be honest

  5. This some shit straight outta fast and furious 😭😭 RIP Speaker Knockerz

  6. The betrayals chust like call of duty

  7. They die at the end of the song

  8. Love this man rip speaker knockerz

  9. It’s sad how speaker knockerz couldn’t finish the rest of the music video

  10. This was good tbh

  11. Gfeyffegf dugg fjgr jirugry ruvdiow fjhghrjfd djvnv dnod kdkndk fdkbejhe djeje ejei ekoehhcd uei euvridjhiuhd dudidujid sjjkdi eje ieje eiee eue eir jr jr4hru4

  12. I watch this sense 2018

  13. Give me the money we be all cool

  14. Dude really forgot he killed a cop

  15. This is the most retarded thing I've seen

  16. This makes me miss GTA online 😭

  17. Hands behind your back spread your feet SIR

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