Did you catch our first EzerWatch?!

L-R: Chai Ling, Nicholas Smith, Brynn Harrington
Kirby Francis (producer), Kristin Warren, David Sweet,
Carolyn James, and Sharon Denney

Watch it here, broadcast from Chai Ling’s office in the Prudential Building in downtown Boston. And spread the word to your email and FB friends about future EzerWatch events!

Synergy is broadcasting a series of monthly interviews with Christian
leaders we want our Synergy Community to know and people well
known to us from whom we want to hear more. You’ll hear each webcast live, in video format, a significant thought-leader who will inspire, challenge our thinking, and keep us better informed.

Our first guest was Chai Ling, who just released her memoir, A Heart for Freedom.

Commander-in-chief of student protesters at Tiananmen Square in 1989, Ling quickly found herself on China’s “most wanted” list, forcing her to flee China and eventually to make her home in the U.S. After graduating from Harvard Business School, she

founded Jenzabar a leading provider of software and services to colleges and universities.

What is breathtaking about her story (and of particular relevance to us) is how Ling evolved as a leader against all odds. Not only did she overcome cultural conditioning and family pressure that would have held her back from answering God’s call on her heart, she emerged as a global leader, business entrepreneur, passionate follower of Jesus, and courageous social activist—taking on the Chinese government’s One Child Policy no less with her AllGirlsAllowed organization. And she did it solo and in a foreign country!

You need to hear this ezer’s story!

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