What is the difference when using Bongiovi DPS audio in games?

Have you ever been annoyed by the poor audio in games?
Bongiovi DPS is the solution!

Fully understanding that audio is an important part of information during games, SADES is committed to provide great audio to SADES wolf pack.
In this year, SADES and Bongiovi Acoustics partner to produce Gaming Headsets with Superior Audio Quality and Innovative Features that transforms the Video Game experience.

SADES Knight Pro, the first Gaming Headset with DPS technology in the world, has been launch in Aug this year, utilizing Bongiovi DPS technology to deliver “next-level” impact sound gamers crave.
More surprising products will be created during the cooperation period of SADES and Bongiovi Acoustics.
Stay tuned.

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  1. When the poor audio and they lose they using sades knight and spellond pro too

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