USA vs Australia | Full Game Highlights | Rio 2016 Olympics Basketball | Group A

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  1. If you pin me then you respect us Australians.

  2. This game made me start following basketball. Go Aus

  3. Seein' Australia play like this, I'm shocked that they have yet to get a medal in the Olympics and FIBA.

  4. its not like australia has a chance all noobs 😂😂😂

  5. Australia was fouling on every play if thats called then it would be US by 25-30

  6. I come to this video time to time, a quick reminder that when a game is close and it’s 4th quarter, screens are the way to go, when it cost you a gold medal in rio 2016…

  7. Just imagine…

    Lebron James
    Stephen curry
    Kevin durrant
    Joel embid

    James harden
    Draymond green
    Kyrie Irving
    Kawhi Leonard

    Everyone would literally get fucked lmao, btw no one in that starting five I listed played in this olympics games for some reason idk

  8. Fucking

  9. And Carmelo is jobless just 2 years later . Life is a bitch

  10. Melo is the best Olympics player USA ever had. Period.

  11. What if kyrie plays for aus with Simmons and bogut?

  12. I heard sometimes the europeans shoot on a rim that is like 1.5 inches shorter but since not everybody checks …because if youve seen the rims you know its not percise ….they have to be inflated up …and its inexact ……and its 1.5 inches shorter ….thats why they play so good sometimes …..

  13. 6:02
    Klay got his hand up like Melo gon pass that. Jesus will come back before Carmelo throw that pass.

  14. 4:16
    I know he's been in the league for 5 or 6 years and he was in the rotation on a championship team, but has Delly always been this good at getting people the ball? Because I don't remember him finding people like this.

  15. Next years aussie team won’t be too bad

  16. It's nice to hear Marv Albert working with NBC Sports again.

  17. Its really rare to see a country or a team that can keep up against team USA

  18. I'm a fan! from Denmark¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¿¡

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