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  1. I’m a fsu fan this was our last exciting game I’ve seen. It’s been a stressful 3 seasons. Hopefully norvell can get them back.

  2. I hate watching this as a Michigan fan! This team could have won the natty if we had a better QB! This team was up 17-0 against OSU on the road and then everything just went downhill

  3. I hope Mike can bring that level of success back to fsu I dnt expect us to be top contenders any time soon but damn I would like to see us in a good bowl game

  4. The last time Florida State was any good…
    Cmon, do something guys. Clemson can't just waltz into the playoff every year lol

  5. God DAMN Michigan had BACK to BACK games during the 2016 season that can be remembered as amazing, the OSU-Mich game, and then this one

  6. They made an emphasis on Peppers not playing….when we didn’t have Derwin James, who is a lot better…and has done better in the pros as well.


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