installing OS: Ubuntu 14.04 64bit AMD64
device: Asus x205ta
ubuntu bootable usb drive created and BOOTIA32.EFI obtained from internet inserted to /EFI/BOOT/ directory in bootable usb drive.
Currently trying to install ubuntu to a 2nd flash drive. My intention is to keep this 2nd flash drive connected to ASUS X205TA at all times and create dual boot system.(Windows 8.1 w/ bing + Ubuntu 14.04)
Partitioning during installation is shown in this video.
‘/dev/sdb’ is the 2nd flash drive(Sandisk Ultra 32GB)
created three partitions
1. swap (2G)
2. ESP (efi system partition) (~100MB)
3. ext4 space for ubuntu (remaining space)

Bootloader installed in ESP so that UEFI will recognize it.

After installing this way, ASUS x205ta failed to boot ubuntu from 2nd drive.

update 15.07.28
problem solved(at least succeeded in loading GRUB):


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  1. I can't choose the option "EFI boot partition" as shown at 0:43. Trying to install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on a 128gb harddrive from sandisk.

  2. Dude it worked like a fucking charm been going from forum to forum and try to find a solution and then i found your video. Simple effective and most importantly it worked god bless mate 👌🏼

  3. Bro I allocate / , swap and efi partitions
    Started installing while installing grub2 package it get freezes
    What I want to do

  4. Excellent! There are so many guides about this online that are not worth s…!
    And here you are mate, well done, well done. Thank you.

  5. Hi, i added bootia32.efi and in this way my x205ta found my pendrive. I have installed xubuntu on my ssd (not a microsd) but after the reboot from xubuntu windows starts and i can't choose the OS… how can i show the windows bootloader to select between OSs?


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