Have you ever dreamed of being a train driver? Train Simulator 2018 will let you explore half of the USA from behind a glass of carefully modelled locomotives while pulling cargo or passenger squads. No matter if you like fast and modern locomotives or older but much more powerful cargo vehicles, able to pull dozens of wagons, in our game you will find everything. Whatever you choose, you will have to pay attention to speed limits, rail crossings, semaphores and other trains. Plan your route wisely to maximise profits and create the most powerful railway company in the US!

During your travels you will have a lot of time to admire photo-realistic graphics including cities, suburbs, factories, countrysides and many more. Also detailed cabins of locomotives will catch your eyes with interactive counters and levers. However, you have to be careful as driving to fast or pushing brakes for too long may damage the train. Also fuel is not infinite so do not forget to check your tank before choosing a job.

Main features:
– Over 2500 square kilometres map
– 15 cities to explore and choose job from
– 6 completely different locomotives
– 14 detailed wagons (3 passengers and 11 cargo)
– Locomotives and wagons damage system
– Cabins with interactive levers and counters
– Dynamic weather and day/night system
– Other trains and traffic on roads
– Photo-realistic graphics
– Advanced semaphores and speed limits systems

Nguồn: https://synergytoday.org/

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  1. سلام عليكم قطار محاكي شباب بزاف بزاف
    بصح راني باغي إي كون واحد جديد لي سنة 2020 كون فيه قطار شبين بزاف

  2. Esse jogo pra ficar melhor os semáforos tinha que funcionar de verdade e não de enfeite como está nessa versão


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