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It’s been nearly five years since Speaker Knockerz died at the age of 19 in March 2014, but the South Carolina rapper and producer created a sound, style, and flow that continues to influence artists today. Speaker Knockerz started producing when he was about 13 years old, drawing inspiration from one of his favorite rappers, Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em. After getting his start selling beats on the “type beat” site SoundClick, Speaker Knockerz landed his first placement on Meek Mill’s breakthrough ‘Dreamchasers’ mixtape.

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  1. The narrator looks like Virgil Abloh

  2. I live very close to where he used to live and I can confirm for me he has had a big impact and is a big inspiration with me

  3. Sk,Sosa, and wayne are the godfathers of this generation

  4. Nav got popular because people thought he was SK

  5. still the greatest to ever do it

  6. Lil brother lookin like chance

  7. you can definitely hear knockz influence in roddy’s music

  8. Created? Fool sounds as generic as the rest of em. Props to him making a living, but he's far from being a pioneer.

  9. We been knew SK the legend was a pioneer of this rap shit but to see it all laid out here and how many people he made beats for / shout outs he gets feels amazing. He's truly missed and will forever be in the hearts and playlist of me and my brothers. Dude's a beast.

  10. they got pop smoke too smh. Always the youngins tryna hustle tryna to good for themselves and they family

    RIP ❤️🙏


  12. LongLiveSpeakerKnockerz 🙏🏻🇺🇸🐐

  13. him, kid ink, wiz and tyga were the shit back in high school

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