Minecraft survival but the sunlight burns! Will multiplayer survival be possible with this Lethal Light Levels mod or will SpyCakes simply turn into a Vampire to only come out at night? This is a Minecraft multiplayer modded survival where we essentially become vampires!

►Hide and Seek but everyone is TINY
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About Minecraft:

Minecraft is a sandbox survival adventure & construction game with multiplayer! How will you build and explore in this open-world? You can build anything you want from a castle, wizard tower or whatever! Best with friends for funny moments! Now with the bee update. Even download a ton of different mods for a fun modded experience.

Lethal Light Levels mod by RoarkCats

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  1. Mean some of my friends are going to be doing a little role playing on fortnight you are welcome to join us my user name is coopDarthVader27


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