Speaker Knockerz has had a huge influence even with how brief his career was with his untimely passing while he was still on the come up releasing songs through his YouTube channel and selling beats on his website. Speaker Knockers would drop songs that would get a lot of views like Rico Story, Dap You Up, Count Up, Money, Flexin and Finessin, and the classic Lonely.

Rappers nowadays especially Nav have gotten criticisms for stealing his style and claiming it as their own without giving credit but nobody really pushes them in interviews about this nor their peers. Maybe it’s because Speaker Knockerz wasn’t well established in the industry with connections that would help keep his name respected and make sure he got his credit and homage paid after he was dead.


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  1. Idk why ppl say a boogie was influenced when a boogie said his melodic sound came from 50 cent and rnb singers 🙄

  2. boogie wit da hoodie, nba youngboy, ynw melly, etc all owe their career to Speaker Knockerz

  3. Quit sayin nigga in your videos u lame ass whiteboy! Corny nigga honestly thinks we can't tell he's white by his goofy voice

  4. Bro was really on point with this video. The whole industry finessed Speaker flow frfr Especially A Boogie

  5. This new wave rappers sound like speaker knockerz, he def inspired a whole bunch of new wave rappers.

  6. Don't forget doe b and lil snupe and la Capone and lil pappy and kts cuttthroat

  7. Speaker Knockerz definitely was a Influence in Travis Scott also….. Undeniably

  8. Nav has his own vibe. Myself doesn’t sound a thing like speaker knockerz, no cap

  9. I’m glad someone is bringing this to the light

  10. I miss this mans music so damn much.

  11. This man revolutionized the rap game. truly the ACTUAL FUCKING GOAT

  12. Is the guy white??Dropping all these N words

  13. This nigga said “Gooda Gooda”

  14. Nav is my favorite rapper right now but still fuck with sk

  15. "niggas claim flows but they didn't invent it" – speaker knockerz

  16. i swear he the biggest "What If" in the rap game! What if he was still here!

  17. I gotta disagree, a boogie only started this melody shit recently. He was a rapper before lmao. I think a boogie has the full package as well he already proved it

  18. The only rapper I heard brig up sk is denzel curry

  19. Damn i never heard about him put you put me on his music

  20. Facts. Knock was supposed to be the next sensation after keef.

  21. So is everybody that raps with autotune a speaker knockers clone ? 🤔

  22. Bruh SK influenced me to flex anywhere you go

  23. Rip Speaker Knockerz🙏🏾🙏🏾 I Think He Was Murdered 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️💯💯 But Yess A Boogie Sounds Alot Like Speaker Knockerz 👌🏾

  24. Rip Speaker Knockers the Real Goat….

  25. Speaker Knockerz had a big influence on the rap game . Everyone stealing his flow

  26. You forgot about future .. he def stole SK flows .. and almost stole his Brand


  28. Speaker knockerz could have been what chief keef should have been (a living legend/pioneer)

  29. I keep telling people that it’s like they are trying to sweep speaker Knockerz under the rug.

  30. speaker knockers is ymir
    aot reference

  31. I know this isn't related, but I seen your video on What Happened to Raury. He dropped a new project called "Welcome to the Woods". It's free and actually on DatPiff! http://piff.me/b112c46

  32. Im a simple man. I see the innovator Speaker Knockerz and I click like. Truly would be at the top of the game rn. Gone too soon.

  33. I was thinking the exact same thing
    About speaker knockerz

  34. damn i liked speakerknockerz ok but i only ever heard rico story and erica kane but i hate all the rappers influenced by him cept killy but i only know killamanjaro. Sad that a good artist can be so influential in giving bad rappers careers. I wouldve never seen his influence w/o this video thanks.

  35. sk would of been poping still rip sk

  36. Speaker Knockerz definitely ahead of his time

  37. Its a respect thing. SK does not actually "own" autotune rap. Keef dont actually "own" Mumble rap either. they are just the pioneers. RIP Speaker Knockerz RIP Fredo

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