Speaker Knockerz – Dap You Up | GTA5 Montage.

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  1. This shit lit good job

  2. when you need more background beats for your videos i got you cause of this montage trey

  3. Fire, Sub back brah brah???

  4. Aye bro Gs, I just subbed to you l, checkout my channel I make gta 5 content, checkout my new video, if you enjoy it then subscribe & turn notifications on for my channel

  5. this shit sick , nice video bruva

  6. Gs. Keep it up. I subbed. Sub back?

  7. Gs brodie-Homicidest Rest in peace speaker knockerz

  8. Damn One Dislike🖕🏾😔

  9. ayy this shit lit I got up and started dancing #Newsub

  10. My song😂 but aye gs & whats ya kik

  11. Shxt Clean even tho im in it Gs tho !!!

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