Bunny’s Funeral is a Piggy fangame that was approved by the developers of Piggy.

“Why did Doggy let go and fall? That wasn’t part of the main ending.”

My answer:
Before the game updated multiple times for the game to actually work and the badges to work, after you finished the Doggy bossfight, Doggy let’s go and into the darkness instead of what the main ending is now which was waiting for the portal thing to take him away.
… that’s what I remember, atleast…



The game:

Piggy Game:


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  1. Da last animation that you post it's 1 week ago.

    And today you post it

    You are making the animation it's so speed like sonic

  2. 🌹Bunny, you may be forever lost but we will forever remember you🌹

    This is a great animation!


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