Here I’m with another video, and this time is a Fun Game!!!
A fantastic Collaboration with my good friend and her Family…
if you don’t know this game by now, allow me to explain the primes’ of the game. …the goal is simple, one has to role the dice to attain a pair, in order to earn a chance at opening the gift while wearing the mitt gloves and the Santa hat, if you manage to open the present before the person to your left can get a pair on the dice, you win the jackpot, whatever that may be!!! in this case, some gift cards…
We had a fantastic time and totally recommend this game!!!
I hope you like the video and have some fun watching, if you do, pleas don’t forget to: Like Share & Subscribe

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  1. Hello, new subscriber. I’m Janey’s friend. (: Janey’s diy snow ❄️ jar send me here.
    Game looks so much fun. Laughing throughout the video, awesome 👏🏼 Great Vlog hope you can support our channel as well. Stay in touch 👍🏼


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