Santa's hat game-Christmas 2016 Boise, Idaho

This game was so much fun!…We played this game at our daughter’s Christmas eve party…It was so funny and hilarious!…I did not play because I want to video this game to show you how much fun it is…The person starts out putting on the Santa’s hat and then trys to open a well wrapped Christmas present with two oven mittens…You wrapped as fast as you can…Not so easy!…They can not use their teeth to unwrapped the gift…The next person rolls a set of dice, tries to roll a double, as fast as they can…When that person reached the double, then that person gets to put on the Santa’s hat and the glove mitten and try to unwrap the gift quickly…You keep this up until someone finally unwrapped the Christmas present completely, including the box itself…The winner keeps the prize…Try this game, it’s really fun…Love and hugs, Erica


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  1. Love this but dont think the others should roll until the one gets the hat and mits on ..

  2. What are you rolling for ? Is it for even numbers or double numbers ect .?

  3. I’ve been doing this for years with my family except 1 chance with dice and we added a scarf and a giant box with like a gift card also we do it with like 20 people one year someone pulled out a switch blade and cut the box open

  4. I think scratched tickets are for grown up come on lol I think the grown ups should do one and the kids should do one .then the kids will have a better chance at winning and the adults will have a better chance at winning..just a thought

  5. I am definitely playing this game! Did you have any luck with the scratch offs

  6. Hiya, Elle here from LADbible, hope you're well! We love this video! Would you be happy for us to repost to our pages please? We'll make sure to add credit back to you if so! Thanks, Elle

  7. Wow I'm doing this for Christmas

  8. This looks frustrating but fun to watch others 😂

  9. Hi Danial, it's Alexei from NTD Television ( This video is great, we totally love it:
    Our mission is to uplift the world through sharing Truth, Hope and Humanity.
    We would like repost it on our media pages and wanted to give you more details. Please drop me an email at Thank you. 🙂

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