RX 480 Vs. GTX 1060 | Latest Drivers Update | New Games Benchmarks

RX 480 Vs. GTX 1060 | Latest Drivers Update | New Games Benchmarks

In this Video I’ll Show You Gaming Benchmarks of amd RX 480 8GB and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (All Paired with Core i5-8400)

System Specs :

intel Core i5-8400 @ Stock
Gigabyte B360M-DS3H Mobo
16GB DDR4 RAM @2666MHz

MSI RX 480 Armor 8GB
(Adrenalin Edition 18.12.2)
Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB G1 Gaming
(GeForce Graphic driver 417.35)

1080p Gaming Test :

Just Cause 4
Darksiders 3
Battlefield 5
Hitman 2
Call of Duty Black Ops 4
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
Forza Horizon 4
Shadow of Tomb Raider
Monster Hunter World
Vampyr 2018
Far Cry 5
Warhammer Vermintide 2
Kingdom Come Delivarence
Fortnite Battle Royal
Wolfenstein 2
Assassin’s Creed Origin s
Middle-Earth : Shadow of War
PlayerUnknown’s : BattleGround
Grand Theft Auto 5
Rainbow Six Siege

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  1. GTX 1060 is Still a 1080p king in almost many Latest PC games on custom graphics settings its a still solid 1080p 60fps card If you Overclock it well 👍

  2. so what this guy said the 1060 is a battler graphics card yeah right

  3. lol i used this musci for one of my vids a while agoo

  4. where i live a usied 1060 costs 150 to 200 euro, a rx4/580 costs 100-120 euos so for the money the 480 wins for sure

  5. pls this again with driver update

  6. You put Rx 480 DX 12 or vulkan it would kill everything

  7. considering the price of used 480 4gb's this is basically a no brainer

  8. im getting confused,what should i pick??

  9. Is better to have the last driver allways? I have an rx 480 but I dont know what driver download for it

  10. rx 480 still sucks. Amd forgot to give it fine wine

  11. here in the uk i sniped my rx480 last week for £98. a gtx1060 6gb goes for £160-£180 here. i also sold my gtx970 for £85 the day after so only cost £13 to upgrade…. i am a happy guy 😁

  12. Close combat of those titans ! If you have money take gtx 1070 Ti

  13. Basicly it's depend on the game you play. Better choose the cheap one while both card can run smoothly at 60FPS

  14. I see an rx 480 with matured drivers is equal to a gtx 1060. So how is it fair people compare the newer and faster rx 580 against the 1060. Nvidia never responded with a 1060ti. Its totally absurb AMD fanboys are bashing the 1060 saying it did not age well against a card that is 10-15% faster than a 480!

  15. What was that 480 "OC'ed" to? I had an XFX RX 480 GTR and it OC'ed to 1365 MHz . That is well into 580 range.

  16. Overclocked benchmarks are useless since not every card can get the same clocks.

  17. Nice FPS for both gpu's. I order Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB Windforce gpu to i5 3570 cpu. I can't wait to test. 🤘

  18. Me and my friend did comparison He owns Rx480 8gb vs Mine rog strix 1060 6gb with both same 4.7ghz 8700k and he outperformed my 1060 with more than 30fps on both Cod black ops 4 BR and BFV MP constantly. Feels bed men. Ram is same speeds and clocks too. Gues drivers are carrying radeon since nvidia is focusing hard on new RTX crap

  19. Proud RX 580 8Gb owner (130€ used)

  20. For me rx 470 is value king they are dirtcheap now…thanks to mining

  21. I'm stuck between picking up a RX 480 or 1060 used.. plz help

  22. i think tbe i5 is bottlenecking the graphic cards 😄

  23. My Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB (stock) and i7-2600 (non K) can only reach 62fps on Darksiders III on epic settings at 1080p.

  24. At 3:37 it shows the power consumption. I had to get a new PSU for my RX 480 cause 400W and 34A on the 12V rail wasnt enough for mine. Why are your power draws under 400W? I have a 600W PSU now thought, so its fine.

  25. And winner is………….. Intel HD Graphics 😀

  26. 480 will pass the 1060 with incremental driver improvements.

  27. I have crossfire 480 strix. With freesync display its amazing in 4k on pubg

  28. 2018: You can buy a low end/middle card for $200-300 dollars for 1080p/60FPS experience. 2011: You had to buy a high-end card for $500 for 1080p/60FPS experience.

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