Ray Is Bae (Hilarious Mystic Messenger Comic Dub)

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===========VOICES OF THE DAY===========

Ray, Saeran, Saeyoung, Agent, Cultist, Narrator, and V – Kyotosomo:
MC – Hana Tan:

===========VOICES OF THE DAY===========


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  1. Why was the last one a whole ass mood tho

  2. Is that an anime wehn yes what one

  3. Is it just me or does MC act like starfire from Teen Titans

  4. 2:24–2:28 My heart's being attacked by the cuteness!


  5. flash back to the time he screamed the intro to mm I can’t take this seriously anymore I’m sorry 😂

  6. What is the full form of mc I can't understand

  7. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  9. 2:13 Just used boobs for them to stop fighting xD

  10. 2:15 " fEEL my hEarT " oh my god mc….

  11. Okay but can we talk about how ray would never do 4:13 ? He is such a scaredy cat in his route and waaay to innocent (even a kiss confused him)

  12. Show more psycho sae lol

  13. The last one is amazing!!!! 😂🤣❤️🤩

  14. Mc be eating pizza in the dangerous situation like nothing is happening

  15. the ending is so me lmao

  16. I like how you have to pay So much hourglasses just for having your emotions destroyed .

  17. I want to marry all of these people 😌

  18. Looks at Unknown

    Can I have you-

    Looks at Ray
    You are just sweet child, I can’t corrupt you with my dirty mind-

  19. Why didn't anybody tell me we have two hearts 2:17


  21. MC to Ray: I’m strong I’m just poor gimme a minute to get enough hourglasses

  22. The funny thing is that at 1:37 they are fighting for mc's hugs even tho Ray and saeran is the same person

  23. Ray: I got my own route!
    Me: cries in poor

  24. Puts your hand on my heart she says but puts their hands on her boobs 😂💀

  25. 7:35 You could say he… SaeRAN away again?!

  26. Saeyoung breaking into my house with the FBI and sees me hugging a saeran pillow

  27. Bro I feel so bad for those who played V's route when Saeran's didn't come out yet. Like damn I just finished V's route and I am brawling my eyes out cause I feel so bad for Saeran, how much more for those who thought that he wouldn't get his own route. Damn I love Searan so much.

  28. the way you pronounce 'Saeran' and 'Saeyoung' are wrong and it sounds weird…try to say it correctly

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