A time lapse video of wrapping and then unwrapping the gifts of this years (2010) oven mitt game.

This is getting more views than I expected so let me add a few details. This is a game we play at our Christmas party every year. In the second half of the video the players are off screen gathered around a table. They are taking turns rolling and passing a 20 sided die. Whoever rolls a 7 or 17 puts on the mitts and attempts to open the gift. While that person struggles with the gift, the rest of the players keep rolling until someone else rolls 7 or 17. That person then becomes the player attempting to open the gift(aka: the opener) by taking the mitts and sending the previous opener back to the table. This goes on until someone finally reaches the actual gift and the gift is the prize for winning.

Couple of additional rules we’ve had to implement:
No teeth!
No corners on the gift table!
No tossing the mitts across the room when changing openers! (it can get that competitive)

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