Ok… this game “Santa’s Hat” is HiLARIOUS! We had so much fun!

Games Rules:
I am getting a lot of messages wanting to know how to play the game! All you need is a hat, gloves (oven mitts), and dice! You must put on the hat and gloves on prior to opening the box! You can ONLY use your hands to open! The person to your left rolls dice until they get a double! When they do, your time is up and everything goes to the left! The person that opens all boxes and gets to the gift, wins!

This is a fun fun game!
I am also doing this at New Years party with a New Years hat!

Happy Holidays!

UPDATE: 12-19-16
I AM RECEIVING THOUSANDS OF POSITIVE MESSAGES! Thank you for taking a moment to share how much you have enjoyed the video! It makes us all happy to know that we have spread laughter across the globe! Ha!
I have received messages from all over the US, Australia, Africa, Mexico, Italy, Canada, Paris, Egypt, Scotland, and more!
We all can unite and share LAUGHTER! Happy Holidays Everyone!


note: tong di laporkeur bangsaaaaaat :v

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  1. I love this game. You can put anything in the box. A gag gift, money …etc. We play this with the kids and they love it.

  2. This video still pumps people up for the holidays. I've done it myself with friends and family but i still think your video gets me pumped each year. thank you so much for showing your friends/family have an exiting time and get me excited for my own holiday get together yet again. Have another great holiday season from my family to yours.

  3. we played this game at my goddaugters bday in decemeber last year ,, we did it separately with the kids and grown ups .. i have never seen so much laughter and happy tears in a room .. lol it was such a great time .. we will be doing it again lol

  4. We just played this game but our rules were much different, you had to roll a pair of 6's and you only get to roll once then it goes to the next person and so on until someone opens the package. Winner got to keep the hat and oven mitts plus the lottery tickets that were in the box!

  5. Hey, this is an excellent game! What can you put in the box? I don't know, perhaps $100, because the box will be hardly manipulated.

    Anyway, I will try this with my work team!

    Greetings from Colombia!

  6. Whatever the chosen dice roll was, it needs to be changed. Was it 7? Doubles? With so many people getting it on the first roll, you need to make it less common.


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