Lonzo Ball Wins MVP of 2016 Ballislife All American Game! Miles Bridges & More! CRAZY Highlights!!

The 2016 Ballislife All American Game Presented by Eastbay took place at Long Beach City College in Long Beach, CA. The game featured the following 20 of the top players in the nation: Rawle Alkins, Ike Anigbogu, Lonzo Ball, James Banks, Troy Baxter, Miles Bridges, Yoeli Childs, Sam Cunliffe, Terrance Ferguson, Mustapha Heron, Markus Howard, Dewan Huell, Vance Jackson, Andrew Jones, TJ Leaf, Mitch Lightfoot, Kwe Parker, Cassius Winston. MVPs of the game were Lonzo Ball and Mustapha Heron.

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  1. DAMN, that Terrance Ferguson dunk at 2:22!!!!!! He took off AT the FT line. MJ couldn't even dunk it from that far back. In the dunk contest MJ famously tried this dunk and made it, but he was inside the FT line. MAD PROPS to Terrance! Wow, just wow!

  2. who's Alexis Morgan??

  3. The future of the NBA in one court… I love it

  4. Did somebody see jesserthelazer

  5. i see you Cassius Winston, keep ballin

  6. Lanzo had one lay up, that's it?

  7. I came here because of Jesser

  8. Hi I would like to know where can I get this basketball shorts ? shorts with star logo

  9. 1:23 Crazy inbound play

  10. my player in 2k would destroy all of these kids

  11. Bruhh im better than all of them combined and curry.nobody could stop me!!🏀🏀 facts

  12. Raptors fans check out my recent video 🙂

  13. Why don't people in the NBA do dunks like that in the contest?

  14. Terrence Ferguson dunked from the free throw line …what are they feeding these super niggas ?

  15. I thought this was the dunk contest at first

  16. where are they at at the end

  17. Why don't u guys post as much anymore?

  18. The throwback uniforms tho ✊🏽💯🏀

  19. dude at the end had crazy handles 💯

  20. Is it just me or is the ring(basket) short ?

  21. Lonzo Ball bout to be top 10 NBA draft pick

  22. miles bridges looks like a new Jabari parker

  23. damn these modern athletes are dope, bouncy as f

  24. Class of 2016, this will be a tough ass draft class next year

  25. Jezzer must be related to T.J Leaf or something…How'd he get in?

  26. Jezzer made the cut! Lmao😎

  27. I got to see this game in person and it was super dope 🙌🏻

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