How To Install Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit or 64-Bit (2016)

UPDATE: Use RUFUS If you have problem with USB/DVD Download.

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  1. If i do it on my lap which is of gtx 1650 graphics after installing windows 7 am i gonna loose them…..

  2. Pendrive is bootable or not

  3. My Windows isn’t working and i can’t open bios my pc is now thrash bro

  4. does it need activation key before installation? or can i activate it after installation

  5. Completed installation again asking to install!

  6. it is highly recommended that once windows restart users set back the primary boot as Hard Drive . otherwise it'll pop up the installation interface again ( because USB is default as First boot device .. 😉
    Good Video mate!, keep well!….

  7. what F did you press ?????????

  8. Dear I would like to install window 7 to my PC but I didn't find the link that u r talking about it. Plz share me the link so that I can install window 7

  9. which better win 7 pro or win 7 ultimate

  10. how can i download windows7 at my computer please i need help thank you

  11. He would be really helpful if he could produce an English version of this video.

  12. If i do these the partition c will be deleted or the hard drive will be completely erased

  13. İs this delete anything in computer…pls answer and thx

  14. Thank you for the video, mate! I just have some questions and would be glad if you or someone could answer them.

    Which settings do I use for RUFUS?
    Image option?
    Partition scheme?
    Target system?
    File system?
    Cluster size?
    Everything on default didn't work. Computer says "Operation System not found." Boot order is correct, USB first.

  15. Can i format my stick and extract the iso file into my stick?

  16. It this still working?

  17. It is stucked in windows loading files

  18. They are asking product key

  19. I'm trying to find the link but i can't.

  20. yes bro verision is e orginal start is lag true thanks kaja nonen ishalla
    ban me bo pare me to

  21. for the second link

  22. How do you get into the website where you download it?

  23. Bro i do as same but after updating my internet is not getting connect its makin troubleshoot and showing drivers not found

  24. Is it the same process for 64 bit?

  25. I cant select usb on boot device menu

  26. in the second link there is no dowload option can say

  27. hey liked the video i just want to ask that can i activate the windows with the windows loader app rather then the product key

  28. I have a windows 10 32-bit, that actually supports 64-bit, can I downgrade this windows 10 32-bit, to windows 7 64 bit?

  29. Well hello there, I have Windows XP and the file to install the windows 7 is coming in WinRAR and I can't do anything about it.Like it doesn't open.Any help?

  30. help stuck at starting windows

  31. I Can Not see the picture

  32. In my computer it says "error loading operating system" pls help me

  33. Thanks Man🤗🤗🤗
    That is very helpful for me😊😊😊

  34. A question please, are installed windows from internet good or they're just fake ones, because my friend told me that.

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