Bongo-Pack/V3 by IDOL8th
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it might say the link is dangerous
but it only says that because people put bad links through there
but mine only directs to mediafire which is safe just wanted to help people who needed the help 🙂
Mediafire Link:

Bongocam V2 by Kuvster98

Kuvster98 Reddit Link

V2 Direct Download:

V2 mediafire Download:

oh and dont forget to


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  1. Are you trying to get me peppa pig death procedure? there is so many things wrong right now. 1. Its 2020 man use like idk a mic. 2. The quality of the video is bad and 3. barely anything is explained

  2. You know it's going to be a good video when it starts out with a person typing out "welcome" in notepad while a no copyrighted song plays in the background.

  3. Whenever I start Osu the cat stops touching the keyboard (the left hand stays in the air). If I close osu it works. Help pls :c


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