Gummy vs Real Challenge: LIVE ANIMAL edition!

We survived the Gummy Food vs. Real Challenge…ALIVE Edition! Watch as one player enjoys a gummy in the shape of an animal, while their partner has to handle the living version of the same animal.
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We invited Brian Barczyk to come by and help us step up the Gummy vs. Real Food Challenge. We sell plenty of gummy animals that aren’t terrifying, but he sure surprised us with some of the live animals he decided to bring along!

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  1. Which animal would have freaked you out the most? 😱😂
    See other crazy gummy challenges here!

  2. His name is bunny and he’s my buddy

  3. Danny: Ahhhhh!
    Maddie: well he LOOKS cool……

  4. 2:06 made me laugh 😂

  5. I have arachnophobia…teh spider would probably kill me once i see it

  6. Uhhhhhh the tarantula scared me the most

  7. I love how he just said the snake wants one!


  9. Just saw this. Sad that Vat19 is collaborating with Brian Barczyk, who is infamous in the herp (reptile and amphibian) community for his videos displaying animal abuse and neglect.

  10. i’m fine with both so

  11. Danny: pet's a bunny.

    Also Danny: *flash back when tore a cooked bunny in halve*.

  12. I hav a rat it is so cute wiye wie wood u hate it

  13. If I was there I would be screaming if he put the tarantula

  14. The gator is adorab’s It’s short for adorable
    That’s for people who don’t know what it means

  15. I gotta work at vat19
    I LOVE animals

  16. Danny has swore imagine his kids watching this xD

  17. Rat I love the RAT

  18. Rats are not so cute because the Pee
    is acid

  19. I would have been heated The Tarantula flowers me

  20. Pulls out a rat “isn’t he cute?”

    Pulls out alligator “isn’t he cute”

  21. I would not mind the rat!Its super cute!…All of the animals are cute and some of them where just cool

  22. I had a pet rat and snake and a alligator

  23. 5:36 I love how the bunny is eating the gummy

  24. I also don’t know why they wouldn’t eat the real alive animal

  25. I have rats how dares you they are adorable creatures sir

  26. Let me guess, an anaconda

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