GREATEST Comeback in CFB HISTORY 💯 2016 Alamo Bowl || A Game to Remember

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  1. What game would you like to see remembered next?

  2. The video cut off early. When does Oregon come back to win it?

  3. ahhh Oregon with the 3rd and 10 bubble screen

  4. 8:06 cornerback from Oregon straight up jukes making the tackle on 4th and goal

  5. The choke at doak is the greatest comeback in college football history what you talking bout

  6. I still say the greatest comeback was the Camback Auburn vs Alabama because of what was at stake……a national championship hung in the balance for Auburn…..they were dead and Alabama at home was on fire…..the game could have ended 50 to 0 Alabama but Cam Newton rose from the ashes.

  7. I remember seeing this game at a friends house at a party and it was on until like 11:30 at night and eventually everyone just started piling in and watching this comeback. There were about 5 of us (me, a Stanford fan, and two other Alabama fans and a Michigan fan, and the other one is a die-hard TCU fan because that’s where he went to school for his degree) and man it was something else. Didn’t mind seeing Oregon getting upset, but man when it happened to Stanford the next season I was feeling some serious deja vous.

  8. What Darren carrington could’ve been

  9. this is a jeff locke special

  10. Charles "better return this one" Nelson

  11. Oregon wouldn’t have lost with Vernon Adams in the game. I truly believe there are 12 year olds better than Jeff Lockie

  12. That 2 pt conversion was sick!

  13. Butterfly effect: One Punch can change history

  14. Center and qb go down at half. Any successful snap led to an incomplete or a sack.

  15. Anytime a Phil Knight backed team loses its a good day.

  16. Oregon’s QB got hurt. The backup couldn’t hold a snap.

  17. what happened to oregon's starting qb in that game?

  18. Texas Tech vs Minnesota 06 insight bowl….. an this is the best comeback yea right😂😂😂

  19. At least this was a 3ot loss not a regulation loss.

  20. We all know if Oregon's QB Adams didn't get hurt in this game Oregon would've won! We all know that!

  21. Is no one gonna talk about the double stiff arm at 10:56

  22. how the hell do you blow that lead

  23. 3 current CFLers from this Oregon squad

  24. When they hit 31-0 I thought the video was finna say Sike at the end lmao

  25. Put roids in the Gatorade and water

  26. 5:30. Why the Vince Young reference? I don't understand that… can someone fill me in?

  27. 8:38: when Oregon guy runs for a touchdown.😆

  28. Greatest Comeback? Idk. I personally think that reward should go to the 2013 Florida State Seminoles.

  29. Well it only matched the Texas Tech vs Minnesota Bowl game.

  30. Look, I like soccer. I really really do, but to me, there is no game more beautiful than college football

  31. I think the ku comeback vs Colorado was the best one ku was down 38-0 at halftime

  32. I was at this game and my heart was broken honestly

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