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  1. I still say the greatest comeback was the Camback Auburn vs Alabama because of what was at stake……a national championship hung in the balance for Auburn…..they were dead and Alabama at home was on fire…..the game could have ended 50 to 0 Alabama but Cam Newton rose from the ashes.

  2. I remember seeing this game at a friends house at a party and it was on until like 11:30 at night and eventually everyone just started piling in and watching this comeback. There were about 5 of us (me, a Stanford fan, and two other Alabama fans and a Michigan fan, and the other one is a die-hard TCU fan because that’s where he went to school for his degree) and man it was something else. Didn’t mind seeing Oregon getting upset, but man when it happened to Stanford the next season I was feeling some serious deja vous.

  3. Oregon wouldn’t have lost with Vernon Adams in the game. I truly believe there are 12 year olds better than Jeff Lockie


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