Game of Thrones Card Game: North American Nationals 2016 – Top 8.2

This is the 2nd featured match from the top 8 of the Game of Thrones: The Card Game 2nd Edition Joust North American National Championship held at GenCon 2016 on August 4th, 2016.

In this match we have Lannister banner of the Dragon(Chris) vs. Stark Fealty (Jonathan)

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  1. 14:27 When Arya get killed for claim, wouldn't that stand Robb using his own text?

  2. This is the kind of game that makes me proud to not be a Jaime.

  3. yikes. that board state

    bring on valar!

  4. 10:46 I think I would have asked Chris to shuffle his deck at that point since he may have accidentally viewed the top 2 cards in his deck when drawing his two cards for the round.

  5. I feel like Lannisters are in a over dominant state. What other house can effectively play 4, 7 cost characters… Unreal… I know they are known for their gold, or riches thematically. But they seem to not have any drawbacks. I could be wrong?!?

  6. How would it work if when he did Heads on Spikes and grabbed The Mountain from hand, and he was already in play. Does that copy in play leave since it kills the character from the plot effect?

  7. This game shows why The Pale Mare would be great for the game. Or banning Tywin.

  8. "Thank you to players who let me record them" teehee

  9. So sad to see players concede. Snowball effect is pretty bad in this game sadly. Comparing to my main game of Netrunner where you never see anyone concede.

  10. Lol what can you even do against that board honestly? I guess vaalar but I'm not sure

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