Game Grumps Animated – Pass the Mustard, Batman – by Zone-Sama

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  1. The only thing that could make the situation better is if Bruce subconsciously held it out to Fox before registering what he said and was like "…wait… oh fuck" and then it pans to the entire table just sitting there with their mouths wide open in pure shock.

  2. This animator is pretty good. Have they done other work?

  3. "It's the mustard he deserves…"

  4. 2:01 it should have said “check out zone on YouTube… if you dare.”

  5. I can’t stop rewatching LOL. It’s that good!

  6. Wait….this was animated by Zone?…..WHAT

  7. I jues wanna see one of these animated by Jason (props if you know who i'm reffering to)

  8. and to this day, batman still hasnt shown up

  9. Game Grumps Super Mario Galaxy 2 part 6

  10. Bastard, could you pass the mustman

  11. If i were Bruce in that situation, i would play along and say "Here's your mustard, Batman". And everybody would think it's a joke for calling everybody "batman".

  12. Ey batman pass the vape pen..

  13. Anyone here because of Mario Galaxy 2? Lol

  14. Here because of Mario Galaxy 2.

  15. They are so tired lmao.

  16. Had to come back here after that Mario Galaxy episode 😀

  17. knowing that this was at 3 in the morning gives so much knew context

  18. Who's here from the Mario Galaxy Episode?

  19. Batman.

    Get me a jelly donut.

  20. I dunno why this has any dislikes at all this is just wholesome funny shit to laugh at

  21. I thought of a variation of this idea.

    Morgan Freeman says absent mindedly "Batman, pass the mustard." Then Bruce Wayne, equally absent minded, reacts to the name Batman without thinking and passes the mustard, then realises what he just did and looks up in horror to find everyone staring.

  22. 12 year old me: what was up with that mustard?
    Me now: oh…

    so he draws p-

  23. That end bit gets me every time lolol WHAAAT!!!! 😂😂

  24. Who knew Zone Tan watches game grumps

  25. I want to be friends with these guys so bad!

  26. The best part is, they’re playing Pokémon while all this is happening

  27. 0:46
    This laugh. It gives me life.

  28. oh shit, it’s that zone.

  29. Me: Nothing about this even resembles Zone…

    Condiment Bottle:

    Me: Ahhh, there it is…


  31. Just realized this was made by zone wtf..

  32. I think this was the first GG animated I ever saw. What a funny and…… interesting first impression.

  33. this was like my favorite clip of gagumps when I first heard it. hilarious

  34. D-does Morgan Freeman have pneumonia?

  35. Moments like these make me want to sell my soul for a face cam on these two..

  36. Bruce should've said "Its ok Morgan, I'll get it for you" that way he separates himself from Batman

  37. That's a funny dick joke at 2:06

  38. You could say this was animated by egoraptor and I would be like “yeah!”

  39. You know, this is a hilarious bit, but it's also the reason not even most of the Justice League know Bats' identity: he's exactly the kind of paranoid loner who wouldn't trust them not to F*** up like this at some dinner party. The only reason Bruce ever hangs with Clark Kent is because there's no point in trying to hide his identity from a man with X-ray vision and hearing sensitive enough to listen to a conversation happening on the other side of the ocean…

  40. Batman is a rich furry.

    Change my mind.

  41. Who eats Steak with Mustard?

  42. So damn good, I lost it

  43. Just realizing now that the animator is mainly a porn animator…

  44. I like to think that's barb Gordon the commissioner dick n Tim drake at the table 1:18

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