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  1. The only thing that could make the situation better is if Bruce subconsciously held it out to Fox before registering what he said and was like "…wait… oh fuck" and then it pans to the entire table just sitting there with their mouths wide open in pure shock.

  2. If i were Bruce in that situation, i would play along and say "Here's your mustard, Batman". And everybody would think it's a joke for calling everybody "batman".

  3. I thought of a variation of this idea.

    Morgan Freeman says absent mindedly "Batman, pass the mustard." Then Bruce Wayne, equally absent minded, reacts to the name Batman without thinking and passes the mustard, then realises what he just did and looks up in horror to find everyone staring.

  4. You know, this is a hilarious bit, but it's also the reason not even most of the Justice League know Bats' identity: he's exactly the kind of paranoid loner who wouldn't trust them not to F*** up like this at some dinner party. The only reason Bruce ever hangs with Clark Kent is because there's no point in trying to hide his identity from a man with X-ray vision and hearing sensitive enough to listen to a conversation happening on the other side of the ocean…


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