FaZe Challenged TSM to Pro Zone Wars and this happened…

FaZe Jarvis, FaZe Sway and FaZe Megga challenged TSM Slappie, TSM Myth and TSM Wintrrz to 3v3 pro Zone Wars and this happened…

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Credit to the other pros in this video!

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This video includes:
FaZe Challenged TSM to a Zone Wars 3v3
FaZe vs TSM Zone Wars
FaZe Jarvis, FaZe Sway & FaZe Megga vs TSM Slappie, TSM Myth & TSM Wintrrz
Fortnite Battle Royale
Fortnite Best Daily Moments
Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments

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  1. Ak the tsm kidos are toxic asf

  2. People saying TSM are toxic but they don’t hear faze…

  3. That’s what happens when faze starts trying

  4. He doesn’t belong in tsm

  5. this guy die to zone:
    sway die to zone: haha sway die to zone

  6. faze: literally sleping
    TSM:playing a world cup

  7. What irritates me is how slappie said eeeezzzz clappppsss but dont realize sway by his self could dog shit on all of them 👁👅👁

  8. Tsm kids aren’t even that good they lokie trash compared to faze. Funny how they always say shoot em out

  9. TSM is nothing against faze

  10. Everyone gangster until faze starts trying

  11. I hate faze they suck like highsky

  12. these tsm kids are toxic lol he said it was "easy claps' they ended up getting destroyed

  13. Slappy is a straight up spammer💀

  14. 16:58 he said swat died to storm but he died to storm about 3 times

  15. What happened to easy claps this kid is too cocky🙄

  16. Faze is better

  17. Sway Builds a box, Slappie:Hes cranking hes cranking.

  18. Imagine them 3v3 now 😂😂

  19. Slappie needs to go to the gym with his chicken noodle arms

  20. Faze is the best clan in the world

  21. If it is easy clap how come they beat you

  22. Who else bored in quarantine watching this😎

  23. Slappie do be a skinny body drumstick

  24. Faze: imma do this cuz I’m bored. Tsm: Goes super try hard like they die if they lose

  25. Tsm: YALL ARE SO GARBAGE UR TRASH. Faze:awww man gg btw😄

  26. Tsm is trash FaZe got it in the back

  27. Slappie they’re throwing final score 10-6

  28. Slappie is just saying what he does

  29. If this happened today literally sway, Jarvis, and megga by themselves could clap the three on the tsm team

  30. Tsm easy claps==are you sure about that tsm=6 Faze=10. Get rekt tsm

  31. Tsm was so toxic at first and ended up losing lmaoooo

  32. Imagine talking shit at first and then losing by 4 weakkk

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