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and ill answer a few FAQ’S just in case you had them

Q: How do i record?
A:well heres a tutorial on it 🙂

Q: Can i duel you on dueling netwotk or will you cast one of my games?
A: Sure if im on send me a pm in dueling network and if i have some extra time 🙂

Q:azneyes whats your facebook link

Q:What else do you do for fun besides yu gi oh
A:i make short clips and skits 🙂 check it out at

And i might have answered a few more of them here:

Thanks again! and have a good one! 🙂


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  1. This was probably a Life Swap deck. The point is to get really low life, and get your opponent's life really high, use Reversal Quiz or Life Equalizer to get yourself an advantage, and then use Rescue Rabbit to grab hard-hitting vanilla monsters or to xyz summon and finish off your opponent.


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