Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea – Emirates FA Cup Final 2016/17 | Official Highlights

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Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea – Emirates FA Cup 2016/17 Final.

Highlights from the Final of the 2016/17 Emirates FA Cup match between Arsenal and Chelsea.

The Emirates FA Cup 2016/17 – All Official Highlights

The FA is For All:

The FA:
Wembley Stadium:

The FA:
The England Football Team:
Wembley Stadium:

The FA Cup:
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The England Football Team:


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  1. they call it the mertesacker final

  2. 4:43, despierta payaso de David Luiz, ahí la cagabas ya, ahora 2020, la rematas cagando más.

  3. 1:32 Qué salida paupérrima de éste tronco arquero belga..😲

  4. I’m still to this day confused our that Sanchez goal was given?

  5. Can someone see Paul blackthorne at 2:05

  6. Arsenal ripped off Man Utd with a clone Alexis. I bet they still got the real one somewhere in their basement freezer

  7. Mertasacker was immense this game,and big Rob Holding!

  8. Chelsea pride of London???? looooooooool 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. 5:48, Un Tony de arquero, pasadizo, no debiera estar en Real Madrid 🤣🤣

  10. who killed martin tyler's entire family before the match?
    like dude you have the sickest job IN THE WORLD and sound like you can't even be bothered to go to the game?

  11. Can someone please explain to me how moses deserved to get a yellow for that?
    Any player would dive in that position

  12. Worst of Wenger best of Unai emery

  13. Fxxk chelsea the whole life

  14. Ospina was better than Cech, if he had been given the confidence to play he would have been rock solid under the three posts.

  15. The best version of Alexis

  16. Can no see paul blackthorn in the stands at 2:06

  17. Moses need to work on his dives but ARSENAL all the way

  18. This seriously was only a few years ago?

  19. Wasn’t that like three times in a row for Arsenal

  20. Que grande alexis 🇨🇱🔥

  21. We were brilliant and deserved the cup from start to finish. Mertesacker played his best match in an Arsenal shirt.

  22. It came out right in the end but Rob Holding vs Diego Costa? What an epic mismatch.

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