For most NFL players, the onset of retirement is a sad occasion. Not so for Jerome Bettis. After Super Bowl XL, Bettis, the heart and soul of the Pittsburgh Steelers, hung up his cleats with the Vince Lombardi Trophy in his hands. Entering the 2005 season, many thought Bettis prolific career was still incomplete. Nicknamed The Bus for his battering runs, he was one of the league’s greatest players to have never won a world title. Still, the Steelers team around him had all the markings of a champion; a precocious quarterback, a physical defense, and the motivation to win a ring for their future Hall of Famer. It didn’t come easy. After an 11-5 regular season, Pittsburgh became the first sixth-seeded team to reach a Super Bowl, winning three dramatic playoff games on the road. Then, in Bettis hometown of Detroit, the Steelers beat the Seattle Seahawks, 21-10, allowing the veteran to call it quits in storybook fashion. Join NFL Films as they retell the story of the 05 Steelers, a club that won One for the Thumb. Americas Game uses exclusive interviews with Bettis, Bill Cowher, and Joey Porter to recount Pittsburgh’s fifth championship season.

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  1. Maybe the only year I've ever hoped the Steelers would win the Super Bowl. Jerome Bettis deserved a championship, and that shoestring tackle by Ben Roethlisberger against the Colts just showed the football gods would not deny Bettis his crowning achievement.

  2. Bunch of haters in this comment section. They were the 6th seed and still won it all lol 😂… Stop the crying and complaining. It was there year. Ben doesn’t get hurt, they probably have a bye and win it anyway. Being a 6th seed and having to fight just made it that much sweeter. To go from 7-5 to 15-5 and champs. 8 straight Ws. 🏆 Booo hooo haters

  3. 23:16 “Who Dey! We Dey! Who Dey! We Dey! Who Dey! We Dey!” “Who Dey think going to beat them Bengals.” LOL

  4. Jerome Bettis did what every athlete dream of doing, An that's ending it right"

    And Heinze Ward should also be in the HOF along with Troy Polumalu.

  5. Great time to like the Steelers. 05, then 08 and that great SB with those great plays. Miss that steelers team from back then.

  6. I remember my mother (a Browns fan) watching this show with me, and towards the end saying "Damn you guys for making me feel happy about the Steelers winning."
    NFL Films really know what they're doing.

  7. What a joke, the biggest robbery in the history of the NFL. Bill Levy, the head official, went on the record 5 years later to apologize for making calls that were wrong and contributed to Seattle losing and then retired. A heavy asterisk next to this *championship*, Stealers.

  8. What joey porter said at 26:17 about cheating well if you think that's cheating look no further than the superbowl that year that ye won against the seahawks

  9. Not a Patriots fan ,but only reason they made it to the superbowl that year,was bc they didn't play the Patriots…Patriots own the Steelers. Or should I say Brady own them lol

  10. I love the 2004 Patriots that much more now, knowing they made The Pittsburgh Steelers cry. Now THAT is legendary.


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