America's Game: 2016 Patriots I NFL Network I :60 Trailer

NFL Films tells the story of the 2016 New England Patriots including their improbable comeback victory in Super Bowl LI. America’s Game: 2016 Patriots premieres Wednesday September 6th at 9pm ET only on NFL Network.

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  1. let me tell you a story. moving to Denver Colorado when I was 10 from Philadelphia Pennsylvania my number 1 team the eagles just beat the damn patriots to win there first ever super bowl and my number 2 team the broncos beat them two years ago on there way to there 3rd. WoW, stuff you can't make up. now that's one hell of a story

  2. anyone know if the music is online yet?

  3. I LOVEEE the music on this preview.

  4. Tom Brady better be on the next Americas Game when he leads the Patriots to 6 super bowl victories. Suck it haters.

  5. I predicted Hogan might have been one of the story tellers

  6. anyone know where i can find this online?

  7. Anyone know the name of that theme song?

  8. The best America's Game is the 2009 Saints one

  9. This should be by far the best NFL Americas game ever my New England Patriots feature it of course

  10. Can't wait for America's game for the 19-0 Jets a year from now

  11. What's sad about the patriots is obviously they didn't have to be cheaters. they proved they were winners without all that nonsense but because they did it anyway they will always have a bad wrap which of course is deserved win you cheat.

  12. Division previews on my channel

  13. 28-3

  14. How the 2016 deflatriots won: brady played like garbage for 3 quarters and Atlanta got stopped multiple times in the 4th by the stacked deflatriots defense and had the biggest choke job ever meanwhile brady throws multiple interceptions that were dropped and had Edelman bail his ass out to win another tainted ring

  15. 2007 cheatriots season or Falcons super bowl

    Which one was a harder choke?

  16. Ahh yes, another one of our asterisks. Did you know I didn't deflate against the Steelers but did in the 2nd half of the super bowl?

  17. Blount 2017 > Blount 2016

  18. The pats are the best team in the history of football

  19. Rip Edelman you will be missed this year

  20. I love the Pats organization full of winners and have the Greatest Coach of all time

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