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Mr Hopps Playhouse is one of the SCARIEST GAMES I’ve play in a long LONG time! Turn off the lights and get your blanket because you’re in for one HELL of a horror game!

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Mr Hopps is pixelated horror game about a creepy haunted toy that is haunting the life of this poor poor child. Filled to the brim with jumpscare after jumpscare this is a scary game you don’t want to miss out on this indie horror game!


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  1. As soon as the little girl picked up the gun, I was certain she was going to shoot one of her parents. It would turn out this was all a hallucination, and the Mr. Hops you are running from is actually Ruby’s dad. Calling it now, before I finish watching the video.
    Edit: Not in this ending, but still plausible?

  2. Mr.Hopp: loses eyes
    Me when I see that: sings part of This Is Home from Cabetown

    This is the part I sang: My eyes went dark I don’t know where my pupils are

  3. It's sad that 2019 didn't know about the corona-virus 😒😐

    2019:Sucks to be 2020

    Me: it does suck so does f**king China >:^ ✓

  4. Honestly, this is me discovering and coming to terms with my Grandmother's Alzheimer's at a young age when she was the one woman I idolized, it may be silly but this is exactly what it felt like as a 10 yr old kid

  5. So ik im late but i was watching his old videos and saw in paranoiac (an old game he played 6 years ago) mr. Hopps was sitting on the dresser

  6. Me: *sees this video*
    Me: *watches*
    Me: *hears Ruby’s girl voice*
    Me: flashbacks to when Jacksepticye thought Sally Face was a girl-
    I’m addicted to sally Face ok?-

  7. The clown that Markiplier was scared about, was an Easter egg for an "IT" reference, you have to touch it 9 times and go to the basement "I think." and you'll see a door, if he goes there he will see the reference.

  8. markiplier: (being silly) maybe it’s in the parents bed do dra. Instintly: ah ah omg! This is game really is scary!!! 20:37

  9. Me after reading the description:

    Proceeds to turn off lights and hide under two blankets and prays Mark won't die


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