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Mr Hopps Playhouse is one of the SCARIEST GAMES I’ve play in a long LONG time! Turn off the lights and get your blanket because you’re in for one HELL of a horror game!

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Mr Hopps is pixelated horror game about a creepy haunted toy that is haunting the life of this poor poor child. Filled to the brim with jumpscare after jumpscare this is a scary game you don’t want to miss out on this indie horror game!


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  1. Mark: 1 minute in
    Also Mark: I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.

  2. Mark: "I'm a master baiter"
    Me: Spits out rice

  3. As soon as the little girl picked up the gun, I was certain she was going to shoot one of her parents. It would turn out this was all a hallucination, and the Mr. Hops you are running from is actually Ruby’s dad. Calling it now, before I finish watching the video.
    Edit: Not in this ending, but still plausible?

  4. Mr.Hopp: loses eyes
    Me when I see that: sings part of This Is Home from Cabetown

    This is the part I sang: My eyes went dark I don’t know where my pupils are

  5. this video came out on my birthday

  6. Now the thing about this is u can never flipping ESCAPE 😅

  7. The eye room is a ester egg

  8. It's sad that 2019 didn't know about the corona-virus 😒😐

    2019:Sucks to be 2020

    Me: it does suck so does f**king China >:^ ✓

  9. Honestly, this is me discovering and coming to terms with my Grandmother's Alzheimer's at a young age when she was the one woman I idolized, it may be silly but this is exactly what it felt like as a 10 yr old kid

  10. imagine being visible after stepping on a toy and not trying to move

  11. So ik im late but i was watching his old videos and saw in paranoiac (an old game he played 6 years ago) mr. Hopps was sitting on the dresser

  12. “Everybody just buckle the fuckle up and we’ll be fine”-mark 2019

  13. sees title
    Me : " Why do I hear science classical boss music ?

  14. Mr Hopps: Walks to the other side of the room
    Ruby with a fuckin gun: helo

  15. that is soooo so so so sooo sceary

  16. Toys: MAMA mark oh jeez

  17. Me: *sees this video*
    Me: *watches*
    Me: *hears Ruby’s girl voice*
    Me: flashbacks to when Jacksepticye thought Sally Face was a girl-
    I’m addicted to sally Face ok?-

  18. at first I thought it was a Mr Whiskers sequel game. Bunnies will now always be terrifying.

  19. this all happened around my birthday how nice 0-0

  20. Mark: screaming his lungs out
    Me: joins in

  21. i acnt get that ending sentce that new update now insted of gun the is sling shot



  23. I’m surprised that none of the jump scares scared me

  24. The clown that Markiplier was scared about, was an Easter egg for an "IT" reference, you have to touch it 9 times and go to the basement "I think." and you'll see a door, if he goes there he will see the reference.

  25. bruh stop being so like AAAHAHAHAHAH

  26. Mr. Hopp was made on my birthday, I am shooketh

  27. 18:29


  28. markiplier: (being silly) maybe it’s in the parents bed do dra. Instintly: ah ah omg! This is game really is scary!!! 20:37

  29. Me after reading the description:

    Proceeds to turn off lights and hide under two blankets and prays Mark won't die

  30. Love how this game's solution is to arm a child with a gun

  31. Mr. Hop is nice because Nana went into the hospital Nana created him……….he wanted revenge 💀🐰

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