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A gauntlet of 5 Dark Round Servants, each with 1 break bar: Lancelot, Gareth, Tristan, Bedivere, Gawain.

– Formation: At the start of player’s turn, a random Dark Round Servant will apply a large damage reduction shield buff to their team, then apply taunt and a 1 turn blue clock debuff on themselves.
– Break the Formation: The blue clock debuff can be triggered by hitting the Dark Round Servant with the correct condition: a Buster card, an Art card, a Quick card, a Critical hit or a damaging NP.
– Successfully breaking the Formation will deactivate all Shields on the enemy’s team for one turn before they use their Formation again.
– Failure to satisfy the blue clock condition will lead to them activating their Formation buff at the end of player’s turn, granting them various buff and a full NP gauge in case of Gareth, then they’ll apply a Focus debuff to one Servant on player’s side and beat the shit out of him/her. The Formation Buff then shifts to another Dark Round.
– Breaking their gauge will increase the number of cards needed to break their formation to 2.

– Gareth is incredibly dangerous, gaining Pierce Invulnerability before her NP, kill her asap.
– Tristan is equally annoying with Buff removal, Sure Hit NP and a 3 gauge NP bar. Prioritize to take him out next.
– Gawain’s Burn DoT is high and is the only Knight with AoE NP, he should be the next to go.
– Lancelot and Bedivere are harmless.

Space Ishtar is the better option for this fight but I can’t pass the perfect chance to use Bunny Altria vs the Round.


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  1. In case you're wondering why this Quest is much harder than the usual Challenge Quest, it has the same tier of classification as a Gil Fest / Nero Fest Exhibition Match: 超高難易度 aka Extreme Difficulty

  2. i just used 3 command seals and used like 4 aoe NPs to blow them out when their shields are down. karna was good for wrecking that fucker tristan

  3. it's not "ft. bunny artoria" but rather: "ft anyone you like as long as you have double merlin and waver" LOL

    but anyway, gratz for clearing this. I'll not be able to clear this since I only started this summer.

    bye 5 draw tickets~

  4. Can someone send help? I'm stuck on the final boss at 2 arrows and it keeps going on repeat. How to pass this loop?

  5. Truly befitting a king, launch a extra large laser beam to finishing and take a sip of tea after
    btw Bedivere really want to "give" Airgetlam to lion king

  6. Nope no way I can handle this CQ with only a month of time in my acc. Time to SQ till I win

    (Scratch that it was pretty easy. I actually found the Eli chan CQ to be much harder )

  7. Tbh I didn't like this challenge, it's too RNG heavy and that's the worst kind imho.

    Even just the card requisite is random (because it's not rare to lack the required card that particular turn) but the crit one even more so, especially given how frequently you can miss even one 80%.

  8. Thanks for showing me barely managed it with seals for her NP and LV1 skills on her also she was the last one left

  9. Man this one is just pure bullshit, I just managed to fucking luck through it somehow. They really want people field multicards/SIshtar team and hit quick card at the end of the offense turn because fuck RNG.

    I just barely cleared it with Beni + Waver + Support Alt Tuna and back line Ortenaus + Chen + MHX with all DMG CE. Just pray that they don't attack Tuna or crit. Cycling taunt is fucking tough because of Tristan bullshit, and there was 1 turn where had to fucking reset multiple times due to harhar 10% crit + 1 mandatory Quick, very funny guys. Had to revive but it was only gorilla and and amputee man left so MHX just wrecked their shit hard.

  10. i think waiting until last minute might be ok since i assume there will be possible cq nerf. it's bullshit if using cs is the only way to clear this content without op support or cs.

  11. I don’t know why but I was expecting the shadow servants to become their proper servant counterparts when you got to their second health bar

  12. Space Ishtar the best for this? Thank god I pulled her. Don't have Waver, but I suppose Reines should be sufficient.


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